You Were Made To Shine

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“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

This is how it felt when I met Wendy Marman. I was at a crossroads in my business, starting new projects, and I did not know which path to take. As soon as I started working with Wendy, clarity came to me.

I could not have achieved as much as I did in such a short time without her guidance, support, positivity, and constant pushing of my boundaries to help me grow.

I am forever grateful for having her support in my life.

I would recommend Wendy to anyone looking for a new perspective in their lives or businesses from an expert in their field.

Joanne Rutter Holbrook

I’ve been impressed by Wendy’s ability to connect to those of us in the community exactly as each of us has needed.

She has presented the teachings in a very easy to digest, relatable way that has lead to some powerful lightbulb moments for me.

Her dedicated support has helped me to shake off the heavy cloak that was smothering me and to step out as the real person that I am.

Thank you Wendy


I met Wendy when I was facing a crossroads in both my business and personal life.

As a Mum of four and a very ‘strong’ personality husband, I was really struggling with finding any form of balance.
I have a successful business that requires passion, energy and time and I also have 2 younger talented children who need me to be available ‘at the drop of a hat’ at times. As with many women I wear many hats and was finding I kept dropping ‘my hat’ and ‘my business hat’.

Wendy was able to help me find take positive small steps (so as not to overwhelm me) the balance and peace I needed. Wendy also recognised that I learn a particular way and was exceedingly kind and patient with me. Always positive, always listening and always helpful.
I would highly recommend a conversation with Wendy – she may just help you find the way forward.

Davina Brown