Wendy Marman IS YOUR Coach


If you want

→ To stand tall with confidence, clarity and courage.
→ A simpler life, knowing and living what is really important.
→ To build deep, caring positive relationships.
→ Vibrant health and energy to bounce out of bed each morning with hope, purpose and joy.
→ To reach your full potential and achieve and contribute with excellence.
→ To be a better you, a better parent, friend, leader and achieve more.

 If you are ready

→  To become the person, who can achieve your dream and sustain it.
→ For your adventurous journey, experiencing success in what you do, without sacrificing your most important, your relationships and your health.


Coaching with Wendy is your best option!

Wendy has simplified the process of how to understand what is important,
balance your competing priorities and navigate the constant changes and challenges of life.
Liberate time, money and energy that can be reinvested on what is most important to you.
That time, energy and joy is now available for living!

Wendy has coached and trained over 500 individuals, couples, families and teams. She has seen businesses double and triple their income through developing their teams’ leadership ability. She has seen low functioning, low trust teams come together through understanding each other’s strengths, changing their thinking and connecting to a new vision. She has seen families and couples come together and create a vision for the family, that has so empowered and released them, it has positively impacted their business as well. Wendy has seen time-stressed individuals and teams, unlocking more time, energy, money and joy through understanding their important.

Coaching For



Couples / Groups / Families


Leaders / Teams