About Wendy

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Whether I am speaking, running a workshop, facilitating a mastermind or providing training for you, my goal is to equip you, your family, your team. Equip you to BELIEVE more, SEE more, BECOME more, ACHIEVE more and CONTRIBUTE more. I care about you and believe in you. I know when you come fully aware and fully alive you will change your world, and the world, for the better.

 My first degree was in science. I am passionate about the environment and your environment, as that plays an important role in you reaching your full potential and achieving the results you seek. As a leader, one of your key roles is to create an environment where others can succeed. So whether you are a parent leader, a team leader or an executive in the workplace learning to create an environment for others as well as yourself is core to all the programs I offer.

My promise to YOU –

When you engage, you will learn how to start, how to define your success, and how to navigate your path to achieve your success.


I could not have achieved as much as I did in such a short time without her guidance, support, positivity, and constant pushing of my boundaries to help me grow.

Joanne Rutter Holbrook


Wendy also recognised that I learn a particular way and was exceedingly kind and patient with me. Always positive, always listening and always helpful.
I would highly recommend a conversation with Wendy – she may just help you find the way forward.

Davina Brown


Wendy and her programs have truly changed my life and my family’s life.

Paulette Thacker

Qualifications, Certifications and Experience 

♦ Bachelor Of Science (Sydney University)

♦ Bachelor of Theology Honours (Australian College of Theology)

♦ Postgrad Certificate in Pastoral Counselling (EAST)

♦ Certificate in Intercultural Studies (St Andrews Hall)

♦ Human Behaviour Consultant: Level 1, 2 & 3. Master Trainer Mentoring (Personality Insights)

♦ John Maxwell Team: Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer

♦ Family Ministries 1 & 2

♦ Transformation Paraguay International Facilitator.

♦ High Performance Coaching

♦ Ongoing personal development.

Wide experience across:

♦ Leadership Development, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Training, Business Analyst, Sales, Administration, Lecturer, Board Member

♦  Government, Corporate, Sales, Business, Not-for-profit and Family Ministries

♦ Bolivia, Singapore, New Zealand, Pacific and Australia